Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Question for Senator McCain

John McCain says that if he's elected president, he "knows" how to get Osama bin Laden and that he'll follow him to the "gates of hell" to do it. That sounds like an ironclad promise to me. So, I wish someone would ask McCain in a very high-profile television moment whether he'll promise that if he's elected president and bin Laden isn't captured or killed by the end of McCain's first term, he will not seek reelection to a second term.

It's very easy to talk tough and sound resolved to do something. But is McCain willing to put his proverbial money where his mouth is and show us that he's not just another political gasbag who'll promise us the moon in order to get elected because he knows that he won't have to deliver the goods? If he really does know how to get bin Laden and he's absolutely determined to get him, it seems to me that it shouldn't take him longer than four years.

So, since I'm pretty darn sure that no one will ask him the question, I guess it falls on me to do it. So here goes.

Senator McCain, do you promise here and now that if you're elected president and Osama bin Laden isn't captured or killed by the end of your first term, you will not run for reelection to a second term?


Senator McCain said...

No Steve, After I'm elected I plan on again doing propaganda commercials for the Red Commies and seeing how many more life savings I can fleece out of stupid hard workers. Hey, I wasn't part of the Keating Five for nothing, don't you know.

Senator McCain

todd said...

So do we get a littany of McCain bashing posts from now till the election because the campaign has dragged on for so long and people are waking up to Obama's vacuousness? I.E. he's losing the race. Might as well start calling him McSame like the rest of the libs.
Anither blockbuster story which will be uncovered before the election is the failed 110 million dollar Chicago Annenburg Challenge which Obama headed up while working closely with Bill Ayers. You know, the guy who Obama has no connections to and only knows casually because he lives in his neighborhood and their kids go to the same school? Though Ayers is 20 years older than Obama and his kids are already out of school. Good luck spinning this one Axelrod.

Senator McCain said...

Hello there Todd,

I love your way of thinking; if enough people just excuse all the terrible things I've done or better yet blame Obama for them I'm virtually scot-free to waltz into a January 20, 2009 date with destiny.

I'm absolutely counting on enough people like just like you.

Thank you oh so very much,
Senator McCain

Nagarjuna said...

Define "bashing."

I think my question is a good one. Wouldn't you like to see McCain step up like the manly man his supporters keep saying he is and answer it? Or are you afraid of his answer? Are you afraid his answer would show that he's just another tough-talking gasbag?

As for Obama's so-called "vacuousness," don't you mean McCain's vacuousness? "What do you do with evil?" "Defeat it." HOW, Senator McCain?

Senator McCain said...


I promise to find that slime-ball Osama bin Laden AND the Continent of Atlantis in my first term so help me sweet God of Abraham or I will resign from something.

Senator McCain

Anonymous said...

Don't look behind the Obama curtain.

senator mccain said...

"What do you do with evil?" "Defeat it." HOW, Senator McCain?

Easy, by winning in November.

Senator McCain

Senator McCain said...

"Evil": Something that goes against one's Political Party's fleecing.

Senator McCain