Monday, March 16, 2009

Moving to My New Blog

I just created my new blog and posted my first entry to it. It's titled Reinventing Myself. That means I won't be posting here anymore. Or maybe not. My new blog is about how I'm seeking to transform myself in a positive way through positive ways of thinking, acting, and seeing the world. So, its scope may not be broad enough to embrace everything I want to write about, and I may still post things here that I can't post there. But I'll be concentrating on my new blog and on the effort to transform myself that that blog represents. So I hope you'll join me over there, and feel free to bring your friends with you.


Mary Lois said...

Love your new blog!

I tried to post a comment over there, but couldn't. It said I was not a member of my own blog!

Never mind. I'll keep tryingl

Nagarjuna said...

Mary Lois--

You should be able to post your comment over there now, and I encourage you to do so whenever the spirit moves you. Thanks for calling the matter to my attention.