Friday, June 29, 2007

The iPhone Cometh

I am something of a technophobe. I have used computers for over twenty years but know virtually nothing about how they work or how to fix them when something goes awry, and I almost tremble at the thought of trying to learn. Even my digital watch is too complicated for me to utilize all of its functions properly.

Yet I am still uncommonly excited about Apple's new iPhone that was released to the masses today. No, I do not intend to buy one. At least not while its price is in the stratosphere. But I am dazzled by its elegance and seamless multi-functionality that appears to be so intuitive that even I might be able to exploit most of it. And I cannot help but think that the iPhone is a harbinger of miraculous tools in the future that will enable us to do almost everything we could ever want to do in the way of information gathering, entertainment, and communication from anywhere that we could want to do it. I look forward to them. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing iPhones or worthy competitors come down enough in price that I can afford one.

Here is a link to Apple's 20 minute video showing off the iPhone to grand and glorious effect.

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