Monday, February 16, 2009

Gone Fishing For A New Job

I'll be out of a job come the end of this month. So, I've decided to stop blogging until I find a new one. Not only will this motivate me to find a new job sooner, but it will also clear away at least one major distraction to my doing everything necessary to succeed.

I've heard that if one wants to get really good at something, he needs to do it virtually every day. That may be true, and I would like to get better at writing and blogging. But I need to earn the money to pay my bills first. I may never be able to do this by writing or blogging, so I need to focus all of my resources right now on finding a decent job.

I look forward to my next post, because it will mean that I've found one and that I'm again able to do what I love doing most.

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