Friday, July 14, 2006

An Open Invitation to Gagdad Bob

"If nothing else, these maniacs demonstrate how light attracts the darkness."
--Robert Godwin, Clinical and Spiritual Psychologist

Gagdad Bob says that he deletes comments on his blog that challenge what he says not because they challenge him but because they obviously come from "autistic" and "insane" "trolls" who don't grasp the wholeness of the supreme truth of his words. That is, they pathologically lack the "cognitive and spiritual maturity" to understand what he and his "Bobbleheads" understand and are filled with "darkness."

Yet, surprisingly, this man, who passes himself off as a spiritual person and clinical psychologist who specializes in helping others to grow spiritually, mocks and ridicules and allows if not encourages his "Bobbleheads" to mock and ridicule those who come to his blog and question or disagree with him. He says the "darkness" in them is attracted to the "light" of his blog, yet, he calls these individuals hopeless "maniacs" and their comments "stupid" and deletes their comments and questions, even when they're substantive, respectful, and sincere, while allowing any and all comments from those who agree with him and praise him.

Of course, it's his blog and his right, I suppose, to do what he wishes with it. But what does the way he conducts his blog and belittles people say about him as a person and a "spiritual" psychotherapist? What do his frequent expressions of "contempt" if not outright hatred for "leftists," Muslims, and, apparently, all who don't see heaven and earth the way he and his "Bobbleheads" do say about him as a person and a "spiritual" psychotherapist?

Gagdad Bob says that one way I can prove to him that I'm not an "insanely obsessive troll" is to stop posting "stupid" comments about him on my blog. I replied that I'd immediately remove any posts about him if he could explain how they're stupid. Of course, he didn't reply. He never does when he accuses someone of being "clueless," "stupid," or "insane" after they challenge something he or one of his "Bobbleheads" say and he's asked to explain what is improper or false in the challenge.

But the invitation is still open. Mr. Godwin doesn't even have to persuade me that I've said something "stupid" about him. He only needs to show me how I've misrepresented him in any way, shape, or form, and I will promptly make amends.


dr.alistair said...

i sent him a link to a youtube video of zz top playing jesus just left chicago.........i think he`s gonna have a transcendant experience. or not.

Nagarjuna said...

Apparently not, seeing as how he deleted your comment and link. :-)


dr.alistair said...

zz top`s not everyone`s taste.
i think that mr. godwin is a bit of a cult leader in the making. in the blog community it is valuable to engage in dialog with people. that`s what this thing is for........unless your intention is to usurp the space for your own messianic self-promotion.
didn`t rush limbaugh have some sort of cultish following in the form of, oh yeah, "dittoheads", that`s right.