Friday, July 28, 2006

A Happy Morning

I just went for a lovely walk across summer-dry creeks and through tree-lined parks. It feels so good to have the temperatures drop from the record-setting heat wave we've had recently, and to begin my day with heart-pumping vigor!

When I started my walk, I thought that I could be doing other things with my precious time. But then I asked myself what I could be doing for that forty minutes or so that was better than what I actually was doing, and I couldn't think of anything. Yes, I could be blogging or studying medical billing or reading Ken Wilber. But I could do those things afterwards, and probably do them better than if I didn't clear away the mental cobwebs with a good, brisk walk in the gentle morning sun and soothing breezes.

The farther and faster I walked, the more exhilarated and grateful I felt to be doing what I was doing, and as I sit here now, the cooling sweat glistening on my skin, I'm a happy man. Even when I hear President Bush keep saying "nucular" in a news conference he and Prime Minister Blair are conducting. What does it tell us about Bush that he keeps saying "nucular" when he must surely know by now that it's a mispronunciation? Is he proud of sounding ignorant?

Right now, I don't care. I feel happy and hungry, and I have much to do after I eat.


dr.alistair said...

interesting point about the nucular pronounciation.the whole thing is deliberate. the only thing you can do is control your own reactions to the situation and, weel, enjoy a walk or reading or whatever allows you joy. and add that feeling to how you interact with others.

Nagarjuna said...

Yes, I assume that the mispronunciation is deliberate, and I agree that we can't control his pronunciation but only our reaction to it. The question is, How should we react to it? I believe that we, or someone acting on our behalf, should ask him why he continually mispronounces such an important word, and, if we're not happy with the answer, we should seek to have him removed from office for incompetence or unsuitability. I'm exaggerating only a little when I say this.


dr.alistair said...

yes, this is a puzzling question. games that get played........the media is the message though and as i tell my clients, turn off the t.v. and put the newspaper down as it creates such consternation. i avoid the countenances of all of them. they are talking heads wobbling about many miles away vibrating the air with thier voice boxes.......and i can`t hear a word.