Friday, July 14, 2006

Gagdad Bob Qualifies his Remarks

"By the way, I certainly didn't intend to insult autistic people by comparing them to our trolls, who not only lack social intelligence, but whose lives revolve around obsessive anger at me and my blog. They simply cannot stay away. Many autistic people are quite lovable. Not so our malignant hostrollities."
--Robert Godwin, Clinical and Spiritual Psychologist

Ok, so Dr. Godwin doesn't mean to insult autistic people. He only means to insult and belittle people he regards as socially inept and "malignant." I'm glad he clarified that. :-)

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dr.alistair said...

this guy`s pseudo-sponnerisms become irritating after a while. and james joyce he`s not. do not continue to chase after approval from this person. he will continue to enjoy holding you spiritual hostage. i consider it to be an honour to be deleted from his blog. it was proof to me that he has risen so far up the moral high ground that he`s lost his sense of humour, the first clue to his true agenda which is proselytisation.
the compulsive who will intuit which style of posting he will tolerate has taken the first step towards joining his cult.