Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bush's Thoughts on Tribal Soverignty

Many people say that George Bush is smart enough to be the leader of the world's most powerful nation. I won't offer an opinion. I offer this video instead.

What do you think?


dr.alistair said...

he`s the president........it means he gets to be presidential.
all kidding aside, that`s a really dumbass question. our idea of a soveriegn and that of a tribal leader are two different things and to answer the question one would have to redefine the question.
bush has been made to look foolish in the media because of his tautological answers and hesitantcy but i have always felt there is some deliberateness in that. how could his own party have allowed him the position of leader if he was truly as stupid as the liberals wnat and need him to be?
i think a person has to be careful when underestemating thier adversary.

Jess said...

The decider is a lot of things, stupid amongst them. This week has taken him to a whole new low though, with the groping of the German chancellor and his bad mannered speaking with his mouth full. Someone on another blog I read often had written a diary about the perception of the crass American and he fits it perfectly. I really need to start one of my own don't I? Ah! now is just not the time. I'll e-mail you and let you know the latest happenings and kind of a decision I am in the process of making.

Nagarjuna said...

Dr. Alistair: I think the question was a reasonable one about conflicting soverignties and may have been very germane to the Seattle area where the reporter was from who asked the question.

I agree that one should never underestimate his adversary. But if any underestimating has been done with respect to Bush, is it of Bush himself or of his handlers, or, as some might say, of those who pull his strings?

I plan to post another video that shows a striking decline in Bush's clarity of thought and speech over a ten year period, leading a prominent neurologist to conclude that Bush is suffering from some kind of progressive pre-senile dementia. Believe it or not, Bush was actually rather articulate years ago.

Jess, I actually haven't been following Bush much this week, but I agree that I feel somewhat embarrassed to think of him representing me and the rest of America.

I think you DO need to start your own blog, when you're able to do it. I hope you WILL write to me privately and tell me what's going on with you. As always, you're in my thoughts. By the way, CC is now in the Philippines with his wife and kids.

dr.alistair said...

conflicting soveriegnties or not, it was a question designed to push bush`s buttons regarding his global agenda.....that`s why the man seemed incapable of answering. recently bush was recorded at a public event slagging the palestinians in a normal conversational tone while he believed he was off the microphone. there`s nothing wrong with the man mentally........he`s an actor of the highest caliber.

dr.alistair said...

having defended bush`s sanity i do have to say that, like all bureaucrats, bush is spiritually bankrupt. politics is not the place for those who wish to attain spiritual meaning in thier lives. i make it a rule to not make political statements on my blog for precisely that reason, even though it is proven to be the single best way to get page views.
i recommend several basic things to my clients in regard to spiritual growth, the first thing is to stop consuming media unless you choose what it contains. that means no t.v., newspapers, popular magazines or radio. it is hard at first because we believe that we must be "informed", but there is no information contained in media anyway. just noise designed to confuse, stress and fatigue.
i make the destinction between news and noise this way; news is what directly affects me. everything else is noise.
politics is noise. it is painful and spiritually limiting.
one cannot grow in such soil......