Monday, June 19, 2006

New Bill Moyers Series

"Can religion and reason peacefully coexist? From a scan of the headlines it doesn't seem so. The world appears polarized, incapable of even agreeing to disagree on matters of faith."
--David Ian Miller

Bill Moyers will be hosting a new seven-part series called Bill Moyers on Faith and Reason coming to a PBS station near you this Friday. After each episode airs, it will be available for free viewing on demand on the PBS website. Each episode will feature Moyers conversing with a writer who recently attended the PEN World Voices festival in New York. Salman Rushdie will be one of those writers. The discussions will focus on reconciling religious faith with reason at a time when they seem to be increasingly at odds.

Says Moyers, "I want my audience to see that they're not alone -- there are people like them who don't live polarized, one-sided lives. Most of us move back and forth in the twilight zone where faith and doubt stroll together like old lovers, once estranged, now reconciled, conducting a quiet, respectful and intimate conversation in the hope of understanding each other better."

I don't know how good this series will be, but I suspect that it will be a lot better than most TV fare this summer.

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