Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bill's Back

The people in Iraq don't want this. The people in America don't want this. The Iraq Study Group doesn't recommend it. The Democrats are against it. Most of the people in his own party are against it, even though many of them wouldn't say so out loud. But George Bush, he knows better. That is a kind of arrogance that is very hard to swallow at this point, especially when it's costing this many lives. Even the pope -- remember he said something bad about the Muslims a few months ago? The infallible pope came out and said, "Geez, my bad. That came out wrong. I didn't mean that." Yeah, the pope can say he's sorry, but this recovering alcoholic from Midland, Texas, he can't even say he's wrong.
--Bill Maher


yodar critch said...

Awesome! Is there anything Hollywood celebrities don't know?

It is a measure of how low the Democrat party has sunk that its deepest thinkers are comedians -- Mahar, Al Franken, John Stewart, Colbert, Janine Garofolo, Margaret Cho and other intellectual luminaries.

Nagarjuna said...

Is Maher displaying "deep" thought here? No. Just a clear, concise, and, in my opinion, valid observation on Bush's Iraq war policy. Is Maher even a Democrat? I suspect that he's a registered "Independent." And I know that he doesn't restrict his criticism to the Republican Party or George Bush. He takes many comedic swipes at spineless, foolish, and incompetent Democrats as well.

Tom said...

Maher is brilliant. I do think he is displaying deep thought.

And, yeah, Maher has famously not aligned with the Dems [he's a Independent Libertarian], though in recent years, with knucklehead as our president, his assessments correspond to the Dem side of the continental divide.

Maher can become a tad wildly tangential with his arguments, but they always make a keen, wider point. His ideas gather at the end to say something incisive and, often, "new."

I contrast him to pompous [and unfunny] Paglia, whom I think flounders and flits between topics.

To yoday critch: I grant you that the Repubs got ahead of we libs with their think tanks in the 80s & 90s, bankrolled by Coors and other wingnut millionaires, but look at the neocons that came out of those tanks, today: they are shamed and disgraced and proved wrong.

Liberals have always been funnier that conservatives. This is because liberals are disposed to see all sides; conservatives are motivated by selfishness. And there is nothing less funny than somebody else's selfishness. Witness O'Reilly and Limbaugh. Yuck.