Saturday, May 13, 2006

What's The Point?

I love guitar, but I don’t try to learn to play it because I could never come close to playing the kind of guitar music I love. It demands too much technical skill and musical knowledge. I love to write, and I do it because I feel skilled enough at it and blessed with enough to write about that I consider it worth my while.

Or so I did until I discovered a
blog today that seems so clever, profound, erudite, and well written that I wonder why I should even bother to keep writing this blog or anything else except personal correspondence that doesn’t try to say anything insightful or deep. I will keep on keeping on with this blog and soon, I hope, with a new one devoted to examining Integral philosophy from the ground up. But it will be a little harder now that I’ve found Robert Godwin’s blog and am painfully and irrepressibly aware that my words sound crude and my thoughts ignorant and stupid compared to other people out there. I may not like or agree with everything these gifted writers say. For instance, Godwin seems to find political liberalism totally lacking in psychological and moral maturity as well as intellectual merit. But he and they can explain and defend their views far more capably than I could ever hope to explain and defend mine. Part of me says, “Why bother?” But then another part of me says, “Because writing is what you do best, and if you’re not good enough to do even that, what’s the point in doing anything at all?”


Finding Fair Hope said...

I used to go to Godwin's blog regularly and saw several friends of mine get the same treatment there that you did. Questions are not tolerated; it is a blog for the followers of Bob and for them only. Don't feel slighted for being "banned."

Nagarjuna said...

I agree with you that "questions are not tolerated" by the "followers of Bob." Still, they're a bright, if smugly arrogant group, who sometimes say some interesting things.

How surprising that you commented on my being banned from Bob's Blog just as I was about to post an entry about it! :-)