Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Coming Soon

I’ve dedicated this blog to discussing general subjects and issues. I’m planning to start a new blog with a more specialized purpose. I’ve been reading about integral philosophy for several years. I’ve done it mostly by reading works by and about Ken Wilber. But I haven’t approached this reading in a systematic and disciplined way. Consequently, my knowledge and understanding of integral philosophy is sketchy at best. I’d like to change that. I think I must change it if I’m to make further progress in my philosophical and personal development and write a meaningful book someday about plausible religion. For I can think of no better guide in these endeavors than the integral framework that sages such as Ken Wilber and those of his Integral Institute are piecing together.

So, I’ve resolved to roll up my sleeves and really begin to dig into the integral literature and discussions available in books and on the Web. My chief sources in the beginning will be the books of and about Ken Wilber and his
Integral Naked website. And I propose to study this material not only in solitary silence but also by publicly questioning and commenting on it in a blog dedicated solely to that purpose. I know that I’m going to have countless questions and observations about what I’m reading, and I want to articulate them as clearly as possible and share them with everyone who’s interested in accompanying me on my journey and in helping me to navigate across the complex terrain. I know that I’m intellectually limited in how deeply I can go with this exploration. But I agree with Joseph Cambpell that I should follow my bliss in this regard as far as it will take me.


WH said...

Great idea, Steve.

I'll be keeping an eye out for what you're doing. I feel like there is still so much to read in the integral world, but for now I'm hooked on the Buddhist thing.

So maybe I'll do some of my reading in response to what you have to say about your readings.


Jess said...

Well you know I'll be a faithful reader when I am able to. And as always I will reply when I think I have something of substance and keep my mouth shut when I don't ;). Ah heck, I might even reply when I have nothing to say, you always have the option of editing my posts if I say something that doesn't make sense.

Nagarjuna said...

Bill, I hope you will indeed be able to read my new blog and find it worth reading.

Jess, I've never edited anyone's comments, and I'm not about to begin by editing yours. If you feel like writing something, by all means, type away. I enjoy all of your comments.