Friday, December 02, 2005

Gone, but not forgotten

I recently posted an entry mentioning the movie “Normal Life.” I said that I didn’t have the same favorable impression of it after seeing it again the previous night that I had eight years ago when I saw it the first time. I surmised that this was because losing the affections of someone I loved back then with nearly the same crazy intensity that the male character loved the female one in the movie had hardened my heart to such feelings over time, and that I could no longer empathize with anyone feeling that way about someone.

Well, a friend of mine wrote today to tell me that he saw this woman Wednesday in a place where she and I first met and subsequently spent a great deal of happy time together, and that he talked with her, telling her that I was married and living in Sacramento, and she asked him to say Hi to me. I can’t describe the torrent of feelings that swept through my heart and soul after reading this…the joyful memories and regrets and other things too intimate to share even in a blog titled “Naked Reflections.” The only thing more I WILL say is that, for a brief, overwhelming moment, my heart was laid bare and raw before the protective armor quickly fell back into place, and I once again thought “Normal Life” was one of the greatest movies ever made.

I’m glad I moved to Sacramento and am far away from her.

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