Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mindful Driving Through Life

A key reason why I like Eknath Easwaran’s teachings so much is that he expresses them with wonderful metaphors that make his messages so clear, compelling, and memorable. For instance, in yesterday’s thought for the day, he likens the mind lacking in the discipline of mindfulness to a poor driver. Just as the poor driver may inadvertently wander into your lane and then dangerously overcorrect until he eventually causes an accident, an unfocused mind

weaves through life, running into difficult situations and colliding with other people.” However, a mind focused by mindfulness practice and complementary disciplines stays in its own lane. It cannot be swept away by an impulsive desire or fear; it cannot be haunted by an unpleasant memory or by anxiety about the future. There is no skill more worth learning than the art of directing attention as we choose.”

Now, when I find my mind wandering or racing from one thought or whim to another, I will think of the poor driver and try to stay in my own lane.

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