Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Training Our Senses to Serve Us

Like many people, I don’t eat the way I should. I eat too much fat and way too much sugar. Easwaran’s thought for today addresses this and countless other situations where we indulge in sensory pleasures that undermine our health and well-being. He advises us to see and handle our senses as though they were small children in need of gentle but firm discipline to overcome their understandable unruliness after years of being encouraged by the media and allowed to run roughshod over us. If we make a concerted effort to do this, backed by the strength and wisdom we stand to gain from committed practice of meditation and the other elements of Easwaran’s spiritual path, our senses will come to readily obey and serve us as we endeavor to live wholesome lives of selfless service to the world. It will be far from easy, Easwaran cautions, but it will unquestionably be worth every iota of effort we pour into it.

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