Saturday, August 26, 2017

Trump Makes Me Actually Like George W. Bush

I'm no presidential historian, professional or amateur. So, I claim no expertise in rating presidents on a quality scale. But when George W. Bush was president, I despised him and thought he was one of the worst presidents ever.

For better or worse, the presidency of Donald J. Trump has me looking back with fondness on the Bush presidency. And I actually find myself liking Bush as a person.

I now understand, in a way I never could before, why George Bush was reputedly the president people would most like to have a beer with, if he still drank alcohol, that is. I probably would too. And not because of his fame as an ex-president. But because, especially compared to our current president, he seems to be a genuinely nice person that it would be interesting and fun to talk with, no matter how incompetent he arguably was as president.

I suspect that Trump will make every president we ever had before or will ever have after his disastrous occupancy of the White House seem great by comparison. Should I be terrified at the thought?