Sunday, November 20, 2016

Urgent Self-Change

To change one’s life:
1. Start immediately.
2. Do it flamboyantly.
3. No exceptions.
― William James

Early last week I became more convinced than ever that I need to change the course of my life. Not so long ago, I might have ‘nakedly’ disclosed what convinced me. But today I hold such personal matters closer to the vest.

Suffice it to say that I’ve followed up on my conviction by making some promising, if underwhelming, preliminary progress. Yet, I feel the need to do much, much more. My question is, How should I proceed?

The William James quote above rings true to me in a powerful way. That is, if one wants to change one’s life, one needs to unreservedly jump right into the deep end and go for the gusto. On the other hand, psychologists say that change most likely comes one small step at a time in a systematic series of well thought out steps.

I don’t precisely know how I’m going to go about changing myself. I just know that I need to find and follow through with an effective way to do a bang up job of it. Or else...

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