Monday, December 16, 2013

What Are the Odds?

I discontinued cable TV several months ago and barely miss it at all. I now get my TV fixes from broadcast TV delivered over rabbit ears, and from Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more recently, Netflix Instant. I've been binge watching great shows including "Battlestar Galactica," "Caprica," "Sons of Anarchy," "Justified," "The Good Wife," "Dexter," and, perhaps the best of them all, "Breaking Bad" and enjoying the bejesus out of them all.

But last night something unusual happened. I watched an episode of "Breaking Bad" in which the lead character becomes obsessed with killing a fly that keeps buzzing around his meth lab. And as I was watching it, a mosquito buzzed near my ear. You may wonder what was so unusual about this. Well, it's the fact that in the whole nine years I've lived in my house in Sacramento, this is the first time I can remember a mosquito bothering me in my bedroom. Given Sacramento's hot summer climate, nearby creeks and rivers, and abundance of mosquitoes during the hotter months, you'd think I would have faced this problem many times. But not only have I never been bothered by mosquitoes in my bedroom before, but I generally don't even see them outside during the colder months, and this month has been the coldest we've had since we've lived here.

So, why in the world did that mosquito come buzzing around my head at the same time I was watching a television episode about a pesky fly?

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