Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hopes and Prayers for the Missing Mountaineers

I don't know why Kelly James, Brian Hall, and Jerry Cooke tried to climb Oregon's Mt. Hood at such a perilous time of the year when weather forecasts undoubtedly predicted the hazardous conditions that were to follow. And, to be brutally honest, part of me thinks that no one should risk his life and well-being to find these men who are probably dead anyway from their own folly.

But the part of me that prefers the light of optimism and unconditional love to the darkness of pessimism and blame hopes and prays that these men will be found alive now that the weather has improved, that they and others will learn from their mistakes so that nothing like this ever happens again, and that no one is injured or killed in the search and recovery.

Beyond that, my heart goes out to the suffering families and friends of these men. May they soon find peace one way or another.

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