Monday, June 19, 2006

I've Reconsidered

I said I was going to stop posting to my blog unless and until I experienced some kind of profound transformation of my being and writing. But I thought about it some more and realized that no profound transformation is likely to occur no matter what I do or don’t do. What’s more, if I undergo any transformation whatsoever, it’s likely to come about at least partially as the result of my using writing as an instrument to clarify and organize my and other people’s ideas and insights into useful patterns.

So, I’ve decided to resume posting here far, far sooner than I anticipated when I announced my hiatus. However, I don’t expect to post almost every day like before. It will probably be more like almost every week, when there’s something I really want to say rather than my conducting a dutiful exercise. I say “probably” because who knows how often it will end up being?

I hope we can find out together.


WH said...

I'm glad you reconsidered. Your presence in my feed reader would be missed.


Finding Fair Hope said...

Steve, I discovered a week late that you changed your mind about going fishing. I think I've pretty well caught up now -- welcome back!

Nagarjuna said...

Thank you, Bill.

FFH., I'm glad you found me back at work (or is it play?) and have caught up with my unexpected barrage of posts.