Friday, May 19, 2006

The Voice

“Not very long ago I'd have relished the opportunity to get into a good knock down drag out battle over politics, religion, or whatever. Now I don't want to bother.I get the Voice. And the Voice tells me that the division has taken place- the aligning of sides is all but complete…I don't want to engage in pointless debate over whether the far right is as bad as... or shouldn't we all sit down and share... can't we come to the conclusion that there is grooviness on both sides...No. We. Can't…There are those who would destroy us, those who see, and those who cannot see. No dithering, no equivocation.”

The comments above seem to reflect the general thinking of the folks over at
One Cosmos. Does anyone find this way of thinking a little disturbing? The Right is right and the Left is either stupid or profoundly psychologically disordered and, in either case, is “out to destroy” goodness, and there is no middle ground. Either you hear “the Voice” and get it and align yourself with truth, justice, and the American way, or you don’t, and if you don’t, you never will, and you will forever be aligned with the forces of darkness that must be condemned and destroyed without dialogue or equivocation.


Jess said...

Don't know about you, but I am one that is very glad she is aligned with the dark side.
So be it, if I am destined to be pathologically warped in my thinking and my approach to things. I'm sure I am in great company. I am also confident that the guy that hears the voices, is in great company over there and he has built in psych help ;).

Finding Fair Hope said...

I'm going to bookmark this blog and maybe link it to mine. I don't get all that political, but am with you in thought and leftist leanings, and you will probably enjoy my quirky range of topics in small town USA which is getting scarier by the minute.

digdug said...

See april 29 for a little deja vu experience with "digdug" comments. Same process you went through. I'm here to tell you the experience pays off. I now view them as somewhat like Howard Stern: a guilty pleasure. A little sex appeal under the guise of enlightenment, a little truth under the guise of intelligence, a little good-natured prejudice and hatred under the guise of prejudice and hatred. Since my own forays onto the porous terrain of that cosmos, I have looked at most neo-con political viewpoints with a better understanding of what they are afraid of. I am reminded often, since my postings and their responses from that day, of a t-shirt I first saw at a preview showing of "The Last Temptation of Christ": Careful - You become what you hate.
I keep remembering that they too are looking for truth and light. That's a good place to start. Namaste? Yes, my friend. Namaste.

Finding Fair Hope said...

This may be a place for the souls to congregate who wandered over to onecosmos seeking the enlightenment Gagbob promises and finding only venom, rage, and closed minds. Let us see if there are others who follow. I suspect there would be more welcome here for an open discussion.

Nagarjuna said...

Jess, perhaps you should go to One Cosmos and let the resident clinical psychologist and his assistants there cure your "pathologically warped" thinking. Just kidding. :-)

FH, You are more than welcome to congregate here and engage in discussion. ALL perspectives are welcome. And thanks for your invitation to your blog. I'll be going there to get your take on things.

Digdug, I agree with you that one can, indeed, gain a better understanding of what Bob and his bunch are so afraid of and so despise. And I agree that we are all looking for "truth and light" in our own ways. Thank you for reminding me of this and helping me to smooth my ruffled feathers with the ointment of compassion.

Jess said...

Steve, I actually enjoy my way of thinking things through as you well know. I am probably one of the most well adjusted people I know given my circumstances. I don't think they would like me very much over there anyway. Could you imagine the first time they found out I actually protest at prison gates the death penalty. I would be more than banned lol.

Nagarjuna said...

Yes, Bob said something in one of his posts about the pathological absurdity of leftist thinking that equates capital punishment with murder. So I don't suppose your admission or you would be greeted with proverbially open arms there.

Speaking for myself, I don't understand how capital punishment isn't murder. I define murder as the "unjustified taking of human life," and I don't see how capital punishment constitutes the justified taking of human life. Bob defines "murder" as the taking of "innocent life." But how do we know that our imperfect legal system hasn't executed in the past and won't execute in the future people who are innocent either because they didn't commit the crime or because they couldn't help but commit it given their psychopathology?