Saturday, January 14, 2006

God Messed Up

I'm involved in a playful, at least on my part, discussion in a Yahoo message forum. Here is an excerpt from that involvement:

God did not make imperfect beings, we has humans made us imperfect and
corrupted God's creation of us by giving into things such as sin,lies,cheating
adultery etc. No we are the ones who messed up, not God.

Of course God made imperfect beings. Only imperfect beings would choose imperfection over perfection, certain suffering and death over certain bliss and eternal life. And God knew before he made these imperfect beings that they would act imperfectly and suffer and die and, yet, he perversely went ahead created them anyway. For what purpose? To get off on watching his imperfect playthings manipulated by a vastly superior and malevolent intelligence into a trivial act of disobedience so that he could respond like a ridiculously petulant and sadistically wrathful tyrant to punish them and all of their imperfect and tainted descendants for their imperfect choices with untold suffering in this life and many with eternal torture in the next? And you have the temerity if not naivity to say that WE "messed up" and not God?!

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