Thursday, January 12, 2006


DNA evidence confirms that it was Roger Coleman's semen found in murder victim Wanda McCoy's body, strongly suggesting that he was indeed guilty of the rape and murder for which he was executed.

This may give comfort to those who support the death penalty, but it gives little or none to me.


Anonymous said...

Why does it give you no comfort? What would you have done had it been your wife or daughter who was raped and beaten and killed?

Nagarjuna said...

It gives me no comfort because I believe that the death penalty is wrong, even when it's inflicted on people who are actually guilty of the crime for which they've been executed. Would I FEEL different if it was MY wife or daughter who was victimized by the person executed and there was forensic confirmation of this? Undoubtedly. I'm human, and a very human part of me is capable of feeling great anger and vindictiveness at times. But I hope that I would continue to THINK the way I do about capital punishment and that my feelings would eventually harmonize with my thoughts.