Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Go With the Flow?

Today, Eknath Easwaran writes of how having someone close to us die can set us on the path to finding the security of that which “death cannot reach.” But what is the nature of this security? In other writings, Easwaran addresses the unchanging spiritual core of our being that is boundless love, peace, and bliss. But how can love, peace, and bliss or the spiritual medium in which they occur be unchanging? What’s more, how can this spiritual medium or its experience exist independently of a living body and thereby survive the death of the body? Many saints and sages speak of the eternal spirit or pure consciousness that comprises our deepest and truest nature and which goes on living after our bodies die. But what is it, and does it truly exist? Or is it merely wishful thinking? Is the surest way to happiness to seek unity or an awareness of unity with unchanging spirit, or to understand deeply that there is nothing permanent and unchanging to cling to and to simply let go and flow with universal change? Or is it possible to do both at the same time or in complementary alternation?

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