Thursday, August 18, 2005

Happy Anniversary

Today is my second wedding anniversary. How blessed I am to be married to my wife! Far more blessed than she is to be married to me, I'm afraid. For not only have I not been as good a husband to her as I SHOULD be, but I have also failed to be as good a husband to her as I COULD be. I love her dearly and have been good to her, but I could have been better and wish that I could be even better, much better than that. For that is what she deserves, and it is something I can never give her. I can never be what she deserves, even if I give her the best of which I am now or ever capable. And so it is with some sadness as well as glowing happiness that I read the following words in the card she gave me today: "I can't imagine a more beautiful life than the one we've built together." For I can imagine a more beautiful life, and I'm quite sure that she can too, and we could have one if only I were capable of more and better than I am. However, while I cannot be more than I am, I can certainly be ALL of the best that I am, and I hope that a year from today, I'll be able to say that I came much closer to it than I have so far.

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